Signs that your husband is not gay

First, it should be made clear that the fact that a person is homosexual and does not admit it in public is something more common than you think. Although in recent years the trend has gone towards the acceptance of all sexual orientations, in the past that has not been the case.

If you have been educated in a too conservative climate, and this has made you feel that leaving the closet would be something bad or shameful and would harm your family, it will be difficult to break that line of thinking.

Therefore, leading a double life and living against his way of feeling can be a less harmful solution for him. This means that you should be clear that, if your partner is gay and does not say so, he or she may be suffering enough and feel that no one can help you.

All this explains why he does not tell you that he is gay, and it also makes you must consider these issues so as not to feel angry with him, since the first person he would like to be able to speak and freely show his sexuality is himself.

If you suspect that your husband has been unfaithful and you think he feels attracted to people of the same sex, these are some of the signs you should analyze:


He changes his appearance when he meets a gay friend. Notes that you want to follow your friend's fashion trends to make you look more attractive. If your husband always wore t-shirts, jeans and sports shoes, and suddenly he starts wearing tighter shirts, dress pants and shoes, it may be a clue that he has an affair with another man. Look at the clothes he wears, especially if he changes his style completely.

Although it is true that gay boys tend to have more habit of taking care of their personal appearance and have an impeccable taste in terms of clothing, that does not mean that heterosexuals neglect their appearance.

So, if your boy is one of those who cares about looking good, don't think so lightly that he is gay.

His best friend is gay

If your best friend is gay and you appreciate that he prefers the company of other men, he may have an affair with another man. With a gay friend, your husband feels that his actions are acceptable. Any day you will discover him frequenting gay bars or watching gay porn online. This shows you that he likes gay behavior and the company of other men, or that he has been homosexual all his life and has never been able to confess it to you.

It is homophobic

When talking about homosexuals, your husband can get angry and be the most homophobic in his words and attitudes. It means that he is afraid of being discovered, so acting in this way makes up for it. You can also feel ashamed about this relationship and even harbor self-loathing. If you suddenly feel hate towards gays or homosexual problems, it may mean that something is hiding from you …

Sexual rejection

It is worth that from time to time your partner does not want to have sex, but, when this is very recurrent, it is one of the signs that your partner is gay.

Sexuality in the couple is important to maintain the passion in the relationship. When this no longer exists, it is an alarm signal.

Flirt with your friends

You can be kind to your friends, but when that kindness is more frequent and could become a flirt and that is where it is a sign that your partner is gay.

If he pays more attention to what your friends say than you, it means that something is happening in the relationship.

Preference for gay movies.

Beyond the flagrant violation of privacy that couples often fight to maintain, and from completely out of context that is the expression 'what porn pages come down' (who goes down porn, at this point?), It may be true that Finding gay porn on your heterosexual partner's computer is an indicator of something.

The truth is that the possibilities that open with a discovery like that are more than those that close: maybe it's bisexual, maybe it has more interesting fantasies than you thought, maybe it gets bored in the bedroom and this is the perfect opportunity to make something funny.

He has had sex with boys

Many would turn their backs on hearing this, but even if it seems difficult to assimilate, that a man has relations with another does not necessarily mean that he is gay.

As we told you, sexuality is fluid, as is attraction. It may be that a night of adventure or experimentation leads a man to share the bed with another, without implying that there is a permanent or emotional connection between them.

And it is nothing new at the historical level. The Greek warriors spent more time with their peers than sharing with their wives, and it was considered that practicing sex with their partners provided them with the strength and vigor they required to be harder.

They did not do it out of love, or because they felt attraction to other men as a necessarily stable partner, but as a way to quench their sexual appetite when they were away from home.